Air Bags Little Rock Arkansas

Here at Parkway Automotive, the safety of our customers is our number one concern.  Airbags are part of a system of sensors and computers called Supplemental Restraint System or SRS. They're all over your vehicle, detecting the details of vehicle occupants to determine when airbags should be deployed in emergency situations (such as direct impact to the front or side of your vehicle). As with any of your dash lights, if the SRS dash light stays on, have your vehicles system checked. When an airbag deploys, some or all of the sensors may be pre­triggered ­ meaning your airbag could deploy by simply hitting a pothole, for example. It's important to have your SRS sensors replaced when replacing a deployed airbag for this reason. Parkway Automotive is a qualified facility that can work on your SRS system, as well as replace deployed airbags.

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