Auto Air Conditioning Repair Little Rock Arkansas

Your vehicles Air Conditioner is a complex system that requires some maitenance. The rubber hoses leak refrigerant at a known rate, that can lead to low refrigerant levels. This prevents proper lubrication, causing the parts to wear faster. Parkway Automotive techinicians are equipped to ensure your vehicles Air Conditioning System is operating at peak efficiency so it doesn't have to work as hard to keep you cool.

Parkway Automotive recommends having your Air Conditioning system maintained by recharging the refrigerant level once every two years. As soon as you notice any symptoms, such as hearing strange noises when the a/c turns on, or if it's not blowing as cool as it should, to prevent further damage to your Air Conditioning system, have an A/C System Analysis Performed right away. It could mean the difference of a maintenance service or a major repair.

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