To Our Valued Parkway Automotive Friends

I wanted to personally share an update with all of you about what action we are taking at Parkway Automotive. As our communities continue to respond and react, we feel that it is important to assure you that Parkway Automotive is closely monitoring the Coronavirus and is taking all precautions to continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees & our clients. We have implemented the following procedures to help promote a healthy environment while servicing and repairing vehicles:

When performing any service, from the moment a vehicle is placed in our care, we will be wearing latex/nitrile type gloves for your protection.

  • We will place disposable plastic steering wheel covers in all vehicles prior to driving the vehicle until the vehicle is placed in the parking lot ready for pick-up. This limits exposure through the vehicle's points of contact.
  • Upon completing vehicle repairs, our employees will spray a disinfectant on the driver's door handle, steering wheel, and gear shifter.
  • Employees are being supplied hand sanitizer to use at all times.
  • All countertops where customer interaction occurs are being treated with sanitizer after each customer interaction, giving a clean surface for our next visit.
  • Customer lobby and bathroom areas are being treated with disinfectant several times a day

We are staying abreast of this very fluid situation and will comply with any additional guidelines as they are communicated to us. If there are further restrictions placed on the public to limit public contact, or for those clients who are in high-risk categories or have further concerns, we are already set up to provide all services with no person to person contact.

  • We have a key drop on the front door for transfer of keys
  • We have an online check-in where you may provide us with the needed information.
  • We use a digital tablet system with texting and email to provide pictures and reports to you on your vehicle.
  • Our system allows us the capability to text and email you a copy of the repair bill and let you make secured payment online.
  • We have lock boxes outside our door placed on the exterior of the building for car keys to be secured for your pick up of the vehicle.

Lastly, in these uncertain times, we may find that we have to travel on short notice for medical care or to help friends and families and will rely on our vehicles now more than ever. If you feel your car may need service or maintenance, now is the time to take action for two reasons:

  1. As most auto parts are manufactured overseas, there could be a future shortage of car parts for repairs. Although this may have some impact on repairs, Car Dealerships and Franchise Repair Shops will be more affected than Parkway Automotive as we are independent and not tied to one supply source.
  2. There may be an impact on the labor pool of mechanics, leaving a shortage of mechanics able to work on vehicles. As we are proactive with the above health precautions, we anticipate we will be able to operate with fewer interruptions than other shops, but now is the time to get those repairs done.

Over the last 22 years, we have developed friendships and personal relationships with our clients. We always enjoy interacting with our clients, but we are prepared to work remotely as well if public health dictates.

Mike Davidson
Owner, Parkway Automotive


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