FREE Quote for Little Rock, AR. Auto Repair in Arkansas

The most fundamental concept of Parkway Automotive is complete honesty with the client. This is the basis of our guaranteed pricing policy; we take price quotes very seriously. We will always diagnose the vehicle and know what the problem is before discussing a price. We do not give ball-park figures nor guess at what might be wrong. We quote exact prices and guarantee the results.

What appears to be a problem, is most often only a symptom of the actual problem. Treating symptoms is the number one cause of continued problems and wasted money in auto repair. An example might be a failed air conditioning compressor. The compressor failing is a SYMPTOM and not a cause of the problem. Replacing the compressor will guaranty repeat failures, each far more expensive than the last.

Parkway Automotive will diagnose the cause, formulate the lowest-cost solution and only then, quote a guaranteed price for the repair. We know this is the only way it can be done. Fixed right the first time, at the price quoted and delivered on time. That's Parkway and the overall lowest cost.