Headlights Little Rock Arkansas

Your vehicles headlights play an important role in allowing you to drive safely in visibly hazardous driving conditions (such as stormy weather, night time, and fog). The two concerns with headlights are the bulb, and the lens. The bulb may dim over time, and the lens can become cloudy or hazy. Both of these contribute to a dull and dim look to your headlights. They won't be as bright and can make it difficult to see. For the bulb, a replacement is your only option. But the lenses can be restored at Parkway Automotive using special equipment to sand off the damaged layer, and replaced with a clean, shiny clear coat making them like new again!

For more information about our restoration process, or to make an appointment, call your professional Service Advisor at Parkway Automotive today at 501-­821-­6111 !

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