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If you’ve maintained your car well, if you’ve been a part of our VIP club

membership and we’ve serviced your car every 5,000 miles, if you’ve

taken care of things properly, then you should expect to get 300,000

to 400,000 miles from it. When you buy a vehicle, you need to understand

that how you maintain it today is going to impact its condition tomorrow.

With proper servicing, your point of diminishing returns is going to be a lot

farther down the road than if you allow it to be neglected.

I have seen vehicles with as few as 75,000 miles that need an engine

because the oil was not changed properly. Today that is a $7,000 to $10,000

venture, and depending on the vehicle, it may not be worth it. If, however,

you have it financed and you owe money on it and are “upside down” (you

owe more than it’s worth), you may not have a choice.

Parkway Automotive is currently the only repair shop in Little Rock,

including all of the local dealerships, that is approved by AAA Motor

Club of North America. All of the services that a AAA member might

expect can be found at Parkway Automotive.

(501) 821-6111

11/22/18 11:42 PM
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