Parkway Automotive offers a family friendly working environment that focuses on teamwork. With a steady workflow, continued training, and state of the art service tools, Parkway Automotive is equipped to provide a unique working experience.

Hi!  My name is Mike Davidson  the owner of Parkway Automotive.  If you're a certified automotive technician, if you have impeccable references, if you are drug-free, if you are VERY gifted at what you do, and if you live by a principle that you'll never put money ahead of people, then I would love to personally speak with you!  Fill out the prescreen document below and I will be in touch.

Some of the benefits to working at Parkway Automotive include competitive wages, medical and dental insurance, a 401k, an air conditioned environment, annual company gatherings, and having weekends off!

If you are interested in becoming a team member, or have any questions, contact us!




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