Winter Driving

We discuss driving on snow and ice for our February feature in Life in Chenal


Snow and ice certainly provide different challenges for those who live

in the southern states. When you are driving on snow, you need to

have more traction. That’s why you’ll typically see four-wheel-drive

or front-wheel-drive vehicles getting around better, simply because their

traction is better. That doesn’t mean you should drive faster. It just means

that you have better traction and should be able to get around easier.

One tip for driving in snow is to lower the air pressure in your tires to

about 25 pounds of pressure. You will see that you’ll have better traction

since you’ll have more rubber on the road.

We learned years ago to pump the brakes in the snow, but the best advice

I can give for driving in snow is to drive as though you have an egg under

the gas and brake pedals. Drive so that you are accelerating slowly and

braking slowly. Don’t push on the pedals too strongly. You’ll break the eggs!

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