Keeping Our Neighborhood GREEN

For our January feature in Life In Chenal, we discuss Parkway Automotives commitment to the environment, and what we do to help keep our Neighborhood GREEN! Check out our feature below!


There are a few auto repair facilities in our Chenal neighborhood, so we found out what they do to keep our neighborhood green. We reached out to the one facility that’s been here over 20 years. Parkway Automotive on Kirk Road opened in 1998 and is owned by Mike Davidson. Keeping the neighborhood green has been on his radar since the very beginning. Here is how he keeps our neighborhood clean:

Old Oil and Fluids – Old oil is placed in a large tank that sits inside a huge bathtub. The bathtub is a container in case there is a compromise in the tank. Old oil filters are drained for 24 hours before they are discarded as metal. Old oil is then transported to a recycler or up north to be used in waste oil heaters.

Old Car Parts – Parkway makes sure that old car parts do not make it to the landfill. They place all metal parts in a trailer and once it is full, the trailer heads to the recycler to become a skyscraper, a robot or even another car.

Trash – You will find two dumpsters at Parkway. One is for the landfill while the other is for paper and cardboard. Parkway services 80-100 cars a week. Their landfill dumpster is only five cubic yards and requires a pick up once every two weeks. This speaks to how little trash makes it to the landfill from Parkway.

Because Parkway Automotive cares about the neighborhood, they invite you to bring your old batteries, tires or car parts to them for proper disposal - free of charge. They are that committed to keeping our neighborhood green for generations to come!

Isn’t it nice to know that local businesses like Parkway Automotive are keeping us green?

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11/22/18 11:42 PM
Keeping Our Neighborhood GREEN

For our January feature in Life In Chenal, we discuss Parkway Automotives commit...

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